Arlene Christie

Arlene Christie was an incredible woman who touched the lives of many. Arlene chose not to be defined by her illness. She navigated its challenges with courage, grace, and a powerful determination to make the most out of life. Earlier this month, she passed from cancer, in her memorial she requested funds be donated to the Tom Baker Cancer Centre Conquerors, a team of Tom Baker Cancer Centre Staff and supporters participating in the Tour Alberta for Cancer. Here is a message from her family –

“Arlene chose not to be defined by her illness and instead placed emphasis on life’s positives.”

“Arlene chose not to be defined by her illness and instead placed emphasis on life’s positives. After each visit, she expressed how thankful she was for the high-quality care she received at the Tom Baker Cancer Centre and Holy Cross Hospital. Even when there was “bad news” at an oncology appointment, she always remarked how grateful she was to have access to such world class care. She knew each member of her team by their first name and enjoyed giving them updates on her family, baking, and garden. These people cared about her, and that in and of itself was therapeutic for Arlene. As much as someone could look forward to an oncology appointment, Arlene knew that whatever the next phase of her journey may be, she was in the best hands possible. The empathy, kindness, and support of her care team lifted her spirits on the difficult days and guided her entire family through her journey with breast cancer. Their focus on patient centred care provided Arlene with a remarkable quality of life despite the burden of her disease. The years she spent “fighting the fight”, as she called it, were, for the most part, good ones. She marveled at modern medicine, and although she did not live to see it, was hopeful at the world’s progress towards a cure. Her positive attitude, gracefulness, and gratitude in the face of terminal illness made Arlene a role model for all those who were privileged to know her. Although she is no longer with us, her legacy lives on through the opportunity to fund raise for the TBCC and HCH. These funds can support the continued delivery of excellent care to cancer patients across Southern Alberta, as well as support the critical research driving us towards Arlene’s dream of one day finding a cure.”

Arlene’s family is grateful for the compassionate care she received at the Tom Baker Cancer Centre. We would like to thank Arlene’s friends and family for their kind donations in her memory. The Enbridge Tour Alberta for Cancer supports brave Albertans and their families throughout the cancer experience. Those with us. And those we’ve lost.

Arlene Christie and family

: Arlene with her husband Tom Christie and children Andrew, Michael and Robert Christie.