Team EY

Scott Patrick, captain of Team EY Crankers describes himself as an avid biker that hates cancer.

This will be his sixth year riding in the Enbridge Tour Alberta for Cancer as part of Team EY. He was honored to receive the gold helmet –commemorating 5 years of fundraising and riding. When asked why this cause is important to him he says, “I tour for those who can’t ride. I tour and fundraise because there is no better use of my time than helping others affected by cancer. I tour because my family like most others is affected by cancer. I tour to take back a sense of control over a dark, nasty disease that is always lurking. I tour because we need to raise money to help others.”

Scott’s advice for new riders gearing up for a long distance ride is to ride their bike as often as possible, “For anyone who is new, just ride your bike 4 or 5 times per week. Long distance isn’t the critical aspect, it’s training your butt to be on a bike that matters. And smile when you ride, it makes everything easier.”

On August 28th, Scott is looking forward to seeing his fellow team mates.

“Reuniting for this worthy cause is special. Add in bikes and nothing could be finer,” he says.

Team EY Crankers will ride from Elbow Valley to Bragg Creek, then to Elbow Falls, and return. Depending on their experience and comfort, team members have the choice to ride 54 kms or 102 kms routes.

We thank Scott and EY for their constant support and contribution to the Enbridge Tour Alberta for Cancer. Thank you for going the distance on the Tour and in the cancer centres.



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