Courtney Gleiberman

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers and mother figures in our lives. Today we honor the mother figures impacted by cancer, those who have faced the disease and those who have supported their loved ones through it.

Mother, daughter duo Courtney & Judy Gleiberman – or as they lovingly call themselves Lil Tomato and Moma Tomato –will mark 10 years cycling in support of Albertans facing cancer.

In Courtney’s own words:

“In 2009 my uncle was diagnosed with a brain tumor; he was lucky enough to participate in some of the programs that the Tour Alberta (formerly known as Alberta Ride to Conquer Cancer) dollars fund and went into remission. In late 2011 the tumor came back very aggressively. My mom had discovered this fundraising event called ‘The Ride to Conquer Cancer’ and convinced me, and both of my cousins to join her in June 2012 and even got my dad and sister into volunteering.

“Unfortunately, my uncle did not live to see us ride that first year. He was just one of many family members that we have lost over the years to a host of different types of cancer, and it is for them that we continue to fundraise and ride for.

“For my mom & I the Tour has always been about family; paying tribute to those we have lost to cancer, working together to fundraise, and bonding after riding all weekend. Over the years we have trained together, exploring the terrain in the Edmonton River Valley and inspired each other to sign up again and again even when we wanted to throw in the towel. It doesn’t hurt that we have gained a solid group of donors who motivate us to continue to participate in this great event.

“We Tour in honor of the memories of Aunt Agi, Uncle Bob, Grandma Edith, Uncle Tony, and too many others whom we have lost to cancer. We fundraise to ensure that a cure for this disease will be found within our lifetimes.”

Over the last 10 years, Courtney and her family have collectively fundraised over $55,000 through the Tour.

This Mother’s Day, honor that special mom impacted by cancer by registering for Tour Alberta. We tour in honor of those with us, And those we’ve lost. Register here.

Who do you Tour for?

We Tour to ensure that a cure for this disease will be found within our lifetimes.


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