Ron Maltman

Ron Maltman from Calgary started the Enbridge Tour Alberta for Cancer (formerly known as Alberta Ride to Conquer Cancer) in 2015, after his wife was diagnosed and treated for Lymphoma in 2014.⁠

Her experience with cancer, along with a number of Ron’s friends and family members, inspired Ron to take on the challenge of Tour Alberta and has kept him motivated over the years. Last year, Ron was diagnosed with Basal Cell Carcinoma, which has fortunately been treatable. “It highlights how pervasive cancer is or can be,” says Ron.

⁠“Competing in the Tour is something that means so much to me.” Ron hopes to continue taking part in the Tour until he is at least 70 – another seven years after 2021. He is already signed up for the Tour this year – kicking it off with his own self-donation. ⁠

“My hope is that all who experience a cancer diagnosis, have a positive outcome – a cure – to look ahead to.”


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